What happens when you contact me....

I will chat with you about what your goals and challenges are and give suggestions on how I can help.

We will set up a time for me to come meet with you where we review your health history, current situation, and I'll offer you a plan that fits your needs. There is no charge for this meeting.

If you decide you want to hire me, we schedule your sessions and you begin getting healthier right away.



How does this work? 

We take small steps to a well-defined goal.

Every few days, we will meet together.  We will review the goals from the last session and then make new ones.

We work out together, fusing cardio-vascular training, strength training, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition balancing into a whole life-long package of health benefits.


  • body fat

  • body pains

  • cholesterol

  • blood pressure

  • stress and anxiety

  • bone loss

  • lifestyle challenges


  • positive self and body image

  • lean body mass (muscle & bone)

  • immune system functioning

  • digestive system functioning

  • happiness and positive outlook

  • strength, flexibility and mobility

  • endurance and energy