Why you need the videos

You need a home practice. Here’s why.

In our everyday, we come across situations and events that seem out of control. A Self-Practice enables you to find Self-Help inside you instead of needing someone in some time to come to you in the right way. You are there.

You can choose the poses you love and re-play them over and over. In a group class, you might find a few things you love, but then have to wait patiently for them to come around again.

You create your own space. After driving, parking, paying fees, you begin to jockey for a place in a room filled with near strangers. You make some social connection, but you stay out of yourself and in their shared space and time.

True knowledge arrives from the rhythm of being with the Self. This means that it takes dedicated time to you and only you to find your way to progress.

How do you know you’re doing it right?

The poses and exercises really aren’t a matter of looking a perfect way, or aligning to a man-made structure in space. Any good instructor is going to follow up that question with, “How does it Feel?” Learning your personal edge is the key to all areas of growth: physical, mental, spiritual.

And now that I’ve said the Spiritual…

In any group setting, the instructor has to acknowledge, support and be sensitive to a variety of belief systems and psycho-social conditions. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider this scenario. You’ve rolled out your mat and your neighbor wants to get into a lengthy oration on the latest product, book, or belief system. That’s all good, but you have your own beliefs and you are free to explore and interpret my classes in any way you’d like. If you think my message is talking directly to you, and only you, and it makes sense, that’s all you need. Go with that. But, if it doesn’t, that’s ok. Feel free to turn my videos off. In a class, I can’t take any chances of offending, so I give a one-size-fits-all system.

You get what you want when you want it

I did an amazing class on shoulders a while ago. Everyone begged me to do it over and over. Truth is, I can’t. I felt it that time, and maybe next time, it won’t be the same. Or, you need a restorative class, but this week, I’m doing flying Pigeon. It’s a thing.

You can truly SHARE the experience

Now that you have my classes on your device. Invite your friends over. Introduce them to me. Grow your own community and have fun. Have an afternoon of Yoga, Movement therapy and whatever refreshments you like.

You already know me!

Most of you have been taking my classes and have grown accustomed to my unique approach. It’s time to practice daily.

I appreciate you and your support of my efforts to continue to bring you the best and most helpful Health and Fitness. In Harmony with your life.



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