Excerpts taken from ‘Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell’

by Debra Waterhouse, M.P.H.,R.D.

You have over 30 billion fat cells in your body right now that are capable of storing about 150 pounds of fat!

The world’s leading obesity researchers have discovered that a woman’s fat cell is bigger because it has more fat-

storing enzymes, while a man’s fat cell is smaller because it has more fat-releasing enzymes. Estrogen, the female sex

hormone, activates and multiplies the fat storing enzymes. Men have more muscle cells, about 40% more and muscle

contains special calorie-burning structures that convert calories to heat and water.

Our bodies have not changed since the days of the cavemen when fat cells adapted to times of famine by growing

bigger and more efficient at storing fat. And, a woman’s body stores enough fat to endure a 9-month famine. (No big

surprise there, right?)

But, your behavior right now has a large impact on fat storage, too. When the body detects famine (or today’s ‘diet’), it

automatically protects itself by reducing the fat-releasing enzyme by 50%, so you immediately become half as efficient

in losing fat. What’s worse, your fat cells grow larger to store more fat to protect the body from the famine. In

addition, your body will cannibalize muscle first for energy, not its precious fat, and you wind up fatter and with a

slower metabolism than ever. And it takes only 72 hours of calorie restriction for your fat cells to begin protection and

your muscle cells to sacrifice.

1. You must exercise – aerobically.

You must do aerobic activity 3 – 7 days a week, at least 20 – 60 minutes each session. You must get your heart rate

into your target heart rate zone and keep it there for the entire session. This will burn around 200 calories, and will

increase your metabolism for hours after. It sets your metabolism up to stay burning for the next meal or two. Your

metabolism is like a fire. You want to keep it burning low and slow all day and night. It needs oxygen to burn, and

that’s aerobics. Do something, anything. It doesn’t matter. There is no ‘better’ aerobic exercise. The heart rate is the

only measure that matters.

2. You need to eat.

Absolutely forget the entire ‘diet’ mentality. If you are hungry, eat. Dieting just makes your body better at storing fat,

that’s all. If you lose weight temporarily, it will come back even more. Eat when you’re hungry. Never use the word

‘diet’ to mean calorie restriction again.

3. Never, ever overeat.

Why do we overeat? We know better, right? Then, it’s not simply a matter of will power, so stop beating yourself up

about it. Self-destructive, negative thoughts will only continue the cycle of negative behavior. Ask yourself, “Why am I

eating this?” Be honest. Here are some honest answers, “I deserve it,” “It’s my last meal before…”, “Nobody’s around,”

“It was there and so was I,” “What the Heck, I’ve already eaten too much,” “In case I can’t get food later,” “I need a

quick fix to some other problem I don’t want to deal with.” Most people eat in response to hunger only 20% of the

time. If you eat when you’re not hungry, your body stores everything you eat as fat, making no differentiation between

lettuce and cheesecake!


10- Absolutely, positively lie-on-the-floor stuffed, painful

9- So full it’s beginning to hurt

8- Very full and bloated

7- Starting to feel uncomfortable

6- Slightly overeating, would have to force it

5- Perfectly comfortable, don’t want anymore

4- Feel good enough to go for a walk or swim, half full/half hungry

3- Feeling hungry, body sends a signal, so you think about food

2- Strong signal to eat, restless, maybe irritable

1- Dizzy hungry, feeling faint, would eat anything