Elizabeth Roper Cumming, Ga

"There are some basic principles Candace taught me that I remember daily- steering me through my continued healthy lifestyle.  So she is always with me “in spirit” so to speak…and it has kept me in shape, healthy, and the weight I lost (2 years ago!) off.  It has also taught me the importance of raising my son with a healthier lifestyle."


Andrea B, 2018, Cumming, Ga

“I find your classes both challenging and relaxing, which is the perfect combination for me. Thank you for your dedication to helping enrich our lives.  I need your inspiration.”

Andy D. - Cumming, Ga   

"I haven't felt this way for a long, long time.  I thought I would quickly get tired of the journaling, but it has made me very aware of all the junk I used to eat and how it affected my body. Candace comes into my home once a week to check my journal and adjust my workout routine to be sure I am getting the optimal workout for my needs.  I do well with this accountability. If you are looking for a fitness specialist/instructor, I highly recommend her! "


Kathy A. - Cumming, Ga

"6 years with Candace's Fitness in Harmony.... Lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years. Work-out 3 - 5 days a week and in the best shape ever! Highly recommend Candace if you are ready to make a lasting change to your eating and exercise routine!"


Jan S. - Cumming, Ga

"Just returned to Yoga with Candace after some difficult health issues and I am so happy I did. What a great way to start the day - not only with Yoga but the kind words and guidance provided by a genuinely caring heart in harmony with your physical needs."


Renae S. - Cumming, Ga

"I've taken yoga off and on for thirty five years, and Candace is one of the best teachers I've had.  She not only shows you how to do the poses correctly, but also explains the benefits of each.
As a Personal Trainer, she's the perfect balance of cheerleader and butt kicker.  I would highly recommend Candace for both Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer."


Rhonda C. - Cumming, Ga

"You didn't give up on me.  I lost the weight once and you could have went on your way but you continue to help me with my journey. You are not like "other" trainers......you REALLY CARE about your clients...you're tough enough but not over the TOP.  Also I like that you do the workout with me."


Rhonda M. - an Alpharetta, Ga Business

"Our office provides these wonderful Yoga classes for employees and I have found them to be an immense benefit.  We love our profession and clients but during the work week we have to be extremely focused on details and sit at desks working on computers.  I did not realize how tense I was until Candace taught us to truly relax, stretch and practice Yoga.  I feel and sleep better.  She is very knowledgeable about physiology and blends in the Yoga concepts for an intelligent mix of science, health, and history.   You learn how to listen to your body and strengthen it.  Our Yoga classmates are markedly more flexible than other folks we work out with in cardio and weight training classes…and some of them are decades younger than us!  Candace is a superlative instructor and I highly recommend her classes.

I appreciate the planning and care to not injury us but help us grow and advance. Learning to relax has been vital. I like the input regarding anatomy. All this makes me a better caretaker of myself."


Sue M. - a Cumming, Ga Business participant

"Love my class! You have taught me more than I ever thought I could do!"


Barb R., Cumming, Ga.

"I feel less judgmental about my body since starting this journey. Am also beginning to feel changes in my body and my perceptions of my body, ie. Breathing. I am very grateful to have this as a part of my new fitness routines."


Joan C., Cumming., Ga class participant

"I just wanted to thank you for the perfect yoga class this past Friday (11 am class).  You had remarked at the beginning of class if I’d come out of hibernation.  Well, the truth is my husband had been very ill with cancer the last year or so and passed away 2 weeks ago.  Your Friday class was perfect for me - settling my mind and spirit.  You have such a wonderful calming way of leading the yoga classes.  I just wanted to let you know how much this helped me."


You should know......

After just one session, you will notice a difference in your energy, your outlook, and your happiness. 

I've found that people start and stop diet and fitness programs because they believe that they must stop enjoying life. 

There is no such thing as will power, just a powerful image and dedication to living a full life, one that is rich in rewarding experiences you share with loved ones. 

In our first session, I will ask you profound and meaningful questions.  These questions will clarify for you what your true goal is.  It is rarely about losing a few pounds.  It will be a journey of self-discovery and changing the fundamental way your approach living your new life. 


Then, the real magic of health will surface.  You will begin a life without my day-to-day coaching, but one where you, yourself become a role model for a rewarding life to others.

How Can I Help You?