“Our bodies are our garden to which our wills are gardeners.”

-- William Shakespeare

Let me help you get fit in your home or business personal training in the Forsyth, Gainesville, Cherokee, and North Fulton areas

practical, effective and proven science-based results

I bring all disciplines together


I have figured out a system that works for everybody in every body.  

I bring together the best parts of traditional exercise physiology, nutrition, and mind body discipline to ensure that you succeed.

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“You’re a rockstar, Candace! “
— Lawrence Biscontini Mindful Movement Specialist. Multiple awards from ACE, IDEA & Inner IDEA, Can Fit Pro, and ECA.

How I do it

I care about you, really care about you.

I hold you accountable and never, ever give up.

I will push you further than you can push yourself.

I personalize your nutrition and workout to you and you alone.


Yoga, Pilates, weight-training, health, nutrition 

Weekly sessions with me, your in-home or business personal trainer, Yoga and Pilates instructor.





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